Niveen Soliman, PhD

Background & Training

I earned my doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology. During the course of my training, I gained expertise in working with adolescents and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, grief, life transitions, parenting, marriage, relationships, motivation, self-esteem, and finding fulfillment. I have had research and clinical experience treating individuals and couples in a variety of settings including The National Institute of Mental Health, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, UMBC, community mental health centers, and group practice. My specialized graduate training has also equipped me with the ability to integrate faith, spirituality, and mental health together when desired by my clients. I also respect, integrate, and desire to learn about the cultural background of my clients in a manner that respects your values and preferences.

Clinical Approach

My approach is guided by the need to attain solutions to problems you are experiencing, while finding a sense of balance. Therapy can be a challenging endeavor to begin. The focus on self-exploration can be a task that is both painful and rewarding. Treatment can focus on goals such as improving low self-esteem, decreasing anxious thoughts, feeling stuck, finding direction, working through loss, preparing for transitions, coping with difficult emotions, low motivation, negative self-image, executive functioning, and is designed to meet your specific goals. In collaborating with you to explore past experiences, current struggles, and future desires, I aim to come alongside you in your journey to not only cope, but thrive in your relationships and situations.

I utilize psychodynamic theory, cognitive behavioral interventions, and have an interpersonal approach to my clinical practice. Thriving involves becoming aware of your needs, moving in a direction that gets those needs met, and learning ways to effectively communicate them to others in your life. I also have a special interest in helping anxious parents enjoy the parent-child relationship and gain a sense of fulfillment by exploring early relationship experiences.

By creating a warm and collaborative relationship that is trusting, free of judgment, and respects the entire person, I find myself privileged to be a part of the process towards helping others improve their lives.

Find My Office

3717 Decatur Avenue Suite 1 Kensington, MD 20895